sabato 13 febbraio 2010

I live in a town called Bernalda. It has got approximaterly 15.000 and is situated 100 metres above the Jonio sea in Basilicata Region.I like living in my town because there are many facilities. I like people very much. In my town you can see Chiesa Madre, the Castel and much more things .In my town I like playing basket going out whit my friends.

mercoledì 2 dicembre 2009


Yes, I have In my spare time I like sport with my friends. My favourite sport is basket. This sport is very popoular in my country. On this sport I spend 4 hours. My favourite sport man Matteo Marinelli (Bob). I go out in the evening. I like reggae. Most people in my class like reggae. I like watching television. Every day I spend 4 hours. I don' t like going to the cinema. I don' t like reading. I like using the computer. I have many video games.

giovedì 19 novembre 2009


A: awful - You are awful
B: bacon- I love bacon
C: car- My car is big
D: dog- My dog' s name is Bob
E: english- I like English lenguage
F: fishing- I love fishing
G: girl- I love my girl
H: hotel- The hotel is beautiful
I: ice cream- I love ice cream
J: jeans-I love my jeans
L: lemon- I like lemon
M: mum- My mum is very smol
N: nois - My nois is big
O: old - You are old
P: party - I like party
Q: quiet - I big quiet
R: rich - I' m rich
S: sad - I'm sad
T: tall - You are tall
U: ugly - You are ugly
V: very - Is very very big
W: wrestling - I love wrestling
X: xilophone - I like xilophone
Y: yellow - I like yellow
Z: zebra - I love zebra

mercoledì 18 novembre 2009


In this letter I' ll tell you eveything abaut my school.
In my school there are about 250. I have 10 subjects. I have to stay to school 5 haurs a day.
My favourite subject are English, Science and History. I don' t like mathematics, Italian and Religious.
In my school I like best the breaks. My favourite teachers are Maiellaro, Dichio and Sillettti.
In my class there are 17 students. My best friends in my school are Ivan, Romolo and Mirko.
The student in my class are quiete. In my school there are any special events. I have good grades.In the future I want to go to University.
I hope you have enjoyed reading this letter.

sabato 14 novembre 2009

My timetable


1° Chemistr Mathematics Mathematics Science Drawing Science
2° Phisical Italian Religious Science Drawing Science
3° Italian English Italian Chemistri Mathematics English
4° P.E. Drawing Mathematics P.E. Phisical English
5° History Drawing History Italian Italian Mathematics

mercoledì 11 novembre 2009


My name is Francesco Bortone.
I am thirteen years old. I have two brothers.I live with my parents.
I love basket it is my life and i love pizza.
I don' t like footbaal. I was born in Italy.
My eyes are brown, my hair is brown.
bye bye.... :-)